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Gift Vouchers

Unfortunately we will not be selling gift vouchers this Christmas – We have suspended sales until late 2021 to give us chance to honour the existing vouchers issued before the impacts of Covid-19.

How to use your gift voucher

To use your gift voucher go ahead and book a trek using our online booking system, but instead of paying at the checkout you will need to send an email to info@hollyhagg.org.uk with your voucher number, name and the date of the booking you have made via our website. All bookings must go through our online booking system so please book your trek before emailing us. If you have any questions about using your gift voucher please check the gift voucher FAQs below before sending us an email. We’re a very friendly bunch who try to answer all enquiries but we kindly ask that you help us not to overwhelm our volunteers with too many emails by checking our website for answers first.

Where is my voucher number? 

Your voucher number is shown on the voucher that was sent out by email at the time of purchase. If you cannot find your voucher number you will need to tell us the name of the person who purchased the voucher and the date it was purchased on. 

My voucher is due to expire soon – can you extend the expiry date? 

Yes. We are extending all voucher expiry dates to the 30th June 2021 so you will have plenty of time to redeem it.

Can I use my voucher for 2 people sharing (B Ticket)?  

Yes. we have a limited number of B tickets available on each trek so you may be able to book a place for two people sharing. However, if you would rather book two alpacas for two people you can do this by booking two individual tickets (A or C) and we will offer you a discount on the second ticket. First, book the two tickets you want on our online booking system then go through to checkout but don’t press the pay button. Instead send an email to info@hollyhagg.org.uk with your name, voucher number and booking date. We will then mark your booking as partially paid and send you a link to pay an additional £20 for the second ticket. 

Can I use my voucher for a family ticket (E Ticket)?  

Yes. we have a limited number of E tickets available each week so you may be able to book a family ticket. You will need to find a trek that still has a shared ticket available for booking, but they sell out fast so you’ll have to be snappy. Each trek automatically appears in the booking calendar 30 days in advance so keep checking our booking page and you may strike lucky.

Can people from the same household share? 

Yes. Only people from the same household can share an alpaca. You can share if you have a B ticket (two adults), a D ticket (adult and child) or an E ticket (family). Please let the trek guides know if you are from the same household so we don’t keep reminding you to socially distance! 

Can I buy a gift voucher? 

Apologies but we are not selling gift vouchers for the time being. There are lot of customers waiting to use their gift vouchers and a limited number of treks so we won’t be selling vouchers until we’ve cleared the backlog. Gift vouchers are not on sale for the time being. As yet we do not know when we will be able resume sales of gift vouchers but will regularly review the evolving situation and will update our website as soon as we are able to offer gift vouchers again. 

I can’t book the date I want on your booking system 

If you are having problems booking please see our FAQ booking page. But if you can’t select a ticket on the booking system that most likely means it is sold out. Trek places are in very high demand right now and tickets are selling out fast. We are sorry if you have missed out on the date that you want, we recommend checking our booking system regularly as new tickets are released for sale each week. Unfortunately, due to the high level of demand and the evolving situation with Covid-19 we are not able to offer a waiting list for the time being. 


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Sturdy footwear is a must!

Please wear sturdy shoes and be prepared to walk for about an hour. The path is steep in places with uneven ground, loose stones and some mud.

Preparing for a trek

Before booking a trek, you are strongly advised to read our guide to walking with alpacas so you can be sure the experience is suitable. To help you find us please download our directions to Holly Hagg.

Guide to walking with alpacas

Directions to Holly Hagg