Covid-19 measures: Frequently asked questions 

Update 01/09/21

Are you open?

Yes. Holly Hagg is able to stay open as the changes do not affect guidance for businesses and voluntary organisations. Our activities do not consitute a social gathering and we follow strict social distancing measures to ensure the safety of our customers.  

We are continuing to evaluate the situation and are having to be flexible about booking arrangements at this time.

We will honor all treks that are booked as long as restrictions allows treks to continue. Please check our trekking pages for booking availability, this may vary as we continue to review the situation.

We recommend wearing a face mask during the trek, unless you find this very uncomfortable or have health reasons for not wearing one. This helps protect yourself and other people. We try to maintain 2m social distancing but sometimes lapses can occur, especially when handling large animals.

Is it safe to go alpaca trekking during the pandemic?

We have procedures in place to make sure we limit the spread of Coronavirus through:

  • Social Distancing
  • Hygiene
  • Minimal contact with surfaces touched by other people

Can I stroke the alpacas?

Your trek is organised so you can confidently get close to your alpaca and stroke and feed them, but avoid having close contact with humans. 

What should I bring?

You may wish to bring hand sanitiser with you for the walk but hand wash stations are available on Holly Hagg. Masks and gloves are optional. Bare hands can more easily be kept clean by regularly washing and using hand sanitiser. The staff will use PPE if closer contact is necessary. As usual you will need sturdy shoes, suitable clothing for a country walk and of course your name. That’s it.

What if I don’t feel well?

If you have any Covid symptoms e.g. temperature or dry cough or you have been in close contact with someone who has the virus, please do not come. Even if you just feel unwell we would rather you came another time. We have a no quibble cancellation policy right up to the day of your trek but please let us know as soon as you can if you wish to cancel (you can do this on the booking site up to 2 hours before the trek, or after that phone 0777 9067718). This will allow us to prepare the right number of alpacas and we’ll know not to contact you if you don’t show up.

What happens when I arrive?

There will be signs to steer you on arrival, but here is what to expect:

  • After entering at the metal entrance gate please wash your hands (or put on clean/new gloves).
  • Walk down the track to the next large gate where you will register. There are 2m space markers to help you with social distancing as you queue.
  • Please wait at the gate until a trek guide welcomes you and takes your name.
  • Find an empty space with a gold disk where you can wait at a safe distance from others until the trek starts.
  • At the start of the trek the registration gate will be opened and you will be invited to enter the alpaca pen and stand at a gold disk. You will be facing the alpacas who will be waiting on the opposite side of the pen.
  • The presenter will introduce the farm and alpacas and allow you to choose who to walk with.
  • When directed you will go to your alpaca and untie the lead rope from the fence. The ropes will have been freshly laundered and lightly handled by only one staff member with clean hands.
  • You will be given a safety and handling briefing then set off on the trek.
  • During the trek social distancing will be maintained. If you see the alpaca in front stop, please stop your alpaca immediately to prevent a pile up.
  • The guides will be available to help you if necessary and will ask other bridleway users to pass or wait at a distance to maintain social distancing.
  • On return to the field you will be asked to step away from your alpaca while still holding the end of the lead rope. A guide will release the alpaca from the halter and ask you to drop the lead and halter into a laundry bag.
  • Please wash your hands before leaving.

Are the toilet and shop open?

  • The toilet is available but please use it only if you have to so we can keep it clean.
  • The shop will not be open for the time being.

Sturdy footwear is a must! 

Please wear sturdy shoes. The path is steep in places with uneven ground, loose stones and some mud.

Directions to Holly Hagg

It’s hard to find us without our directions sheet as sat nav will lead you astray. 

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